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Alderville First Nation Members Blog

Alderville First Nation Monument

Welcome to Alderville First Nation Members Blog

This Alderville blog has been created independently by a member of Alderville First Nation for the purpose of allowing band members to exchange ideas and to post suggestions.  “Alderville First Nation Members Blog – Voices From the Village” just been launched is currently under development.  It is my intent to allow this Village blog to be a vehicle through which members may voice their concerns as well as sharing suggestions for improvement with our First Nation community.

In order to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the support received from the band and being accepted as member of the community (even though I was raised in an adopted family outside of the area)  I humbly dedicate this blog space to the Alderville First Nation community.   A private members only section has been created for Alderville members to discuss issues that are better left out of the public eyes.  At the same time there may be topics that are more suitable for the general public to learn more about our tiny village.

If you are from Alderville please give me the heads up after you have registered by way of the contact page.  I will then manually assign your profile to our private members group which will enable you to have full access to members only content when logged in.   You will also be able to post your own articles which may published to the private members area or the public area which will be at your discretion.

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